I call my work “Transformative Art” because I chose to deal with themes and subject matter for change and making a difference. My abstract work for example is about happiness. I believe that art is an emotional outlet to help heal and or deal with life’s challenges. Some of my work has been acquired to hang in children’s hospital to add color and provide a soothing atmosphere for children while they heal. “Wildlife Series” is about my contribution to saving wildlife, particularly the Wild Mustang in the West.

My other series is called “Transformative Foods” based on my awareness of the need for sustainability and eating food that’s free of GMOs. I grow and cultivate my food in my back yard then bring the food in the kitchen and prepare it. The dish I create with the different colors of vegetables then inspires a painting. This series allows me to combine two of my passions cooking and Painting. My latest series “Nelson Mandela Freedom Series” this is about the preservation of Nelson Mandela Legacy and the celebration of freedom.

‘Jabu is a South African artist who has been exhibited worldwide. Brought up in the Apartheid era, he uses his artwork to express his experiences of what is often an unfriendly world. There by bringing a positive element into it. His artwork is unique, vibrant with a twist of both urban and contemporary touch. The rich and vibrant colors capture diverse appeal from abstract work to artwork inspired by elements and tapestry from his African background. The choice of timeless materials from mixed media to oil, to maple wood and polished aluminum add to the value of his creations. This has created a growing demand for his signature style and contemporary perspective collection.

‘Jabu’s artwork is on the cutting edge of creativity that lends itself to Mind-Body-Spirit. It’s the kind of work you want to soothe your soul, art pieces that beautify and enhance your space.

Here is quote about Jabu’s work from: ArtisSpectrum Magazine:

“Your work: Nuanced by color, variable degrees on depth perception, fluid color, and textures of abstract space, all of the paintings exhibit strength in the use of color and technique to express mood, emotion and milieu. With paint as the purveyor of vision, all of the paintings achieve poignancy through a unique perspective that is evident throughout the body of work. Resolute in style and perspective, I feel that the work will resonate well in New York and with our international audience”.

Angela Di Bello

Director of Agora Gallery / Editor-in-Chief of

ArtisSpectrum Magazine

Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY 1000